First Public Speaking Engagement

First Public Speaking Engagement

I will be speaking at the #DataSatSWUS event this Saturday, 15 May 4:15pm MDT, about the Fun and Fails migrating to the MS Government Community Cloud! Join me and a whole bunch of superstar SQL Speakers, register here:

What can you expect if you attend?

- What is the Microsoft Government Community Cloud?
- Why would I need the Government Community Cloud?
- What are the real-world implications of the Government Community Cloud?
- What can I do to prepare for a move to the Government Community Cloud?

This will be an introduction to the different Microsoft Government Community Clouds, the reason they exist, what their differences are, and what the impact on your IT organization will be if you move to one of them or support one of them for a client. The audience will be able to use the information presented to decide which cloud would be appropriate for different regulatory environments. Furthermore, I will speak to a real-world migration (still on-going) into the Government Community Cloud High environment, the overall impact on the IT schedule and budget, and corners that we did not consider when we started.

Here is the schedule if you are interested in attending!

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