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Welcome to SQLSevorg! I'm Ian Groves and will be blogging about SQL Server and other computer/security/compliance/technical development/leadership topics. I have been a SQL Server DBA since the product was called SQL Server 7.0 and have been everything from a lone DBA, Developer DBA, Consultant, IT Manager, SSIS developer, and a member of a 15 person 24x7 enterprise DBA group supporting hundreds of failover clusters for semiconductor manufacturing reporting.

These days I work in the DIB (Defense Industrial Base) managing the IT Business Platform for a medium-sized company. What is an IT Business Platform Manager? Its  fancy way of saying I am the lone DBA, and my team supports boring things like ERP, SharePoint, custom apps (perl, FileMaker, PS) and even some fun stuff like Power Platform and Automate, PowerBI, Power Query/Pivot, Azure and O365. We do most of the fun stuff in the Microsoft Government Community Cloud High and that will be the focus of this blog for the time being.

So, grab a cuppa, sit back, and enjoy learning and getting information that will hopefully be helpful to you on your data journey!

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